Hey everyone,

Even though I’m 23 and live on my own with my fiance I still don’t think of myself as a grown up completely. I still need my dad to cosign for my car, I have a ton of debt, I’m still in school for goodness sake! Recently, I’ve been thinking about the future and it hit me…I’m ready to be an adult.

I currently rent my apartment with my fiance and we’re doing okay for ourselves. A friend of mine shared a link on Facebook for a house listing. I clicked on it out of curiosity and realized that I would do anything to be able to buy that house. Not only was it gorgeous, but it would give me a sense of stability in my location.

I moved out of my parents house when I was 18. Since then I’ve moved 3 times in 5 years. All the moves have been to apartments and there has always been a reason for the move..transferring schools, rent cost, unsafe neighborhood. Looking at that house listing I knew that I was ready to move one last time and be in a forever home. Sure, it’s not our plan to stay in this state forever but for now it’s how it had to be. I would love to be able to pick out paint, plant a garden, and have pets. It’s just not possible right now.

We need to save for the wedding. We just renewed our lease for another year. It’s just not the right time to buy a home but it doesn’t stop me from wanting it. I’m ready for our little family of 2 to grow (don’t tell tyler I want a baby haha). I guess all this just means I’m growing up and moving on to a new stage in life.

Until my next post…