Holy Cow — November 8, 2015

Holy Cow

Holy cow guys…

Let me tell you just how much I hate packing! We’ve moved so many times over the past 5 years that you’d think I’d have it down. Nope! We started last night which already stressed me out because we have to be out by December 1st. Then add in Tyler not really helping all that much (I get that the situation and circumstances suck but come on!) It’s just already draining me and I’m over it. We also need to get a storage unit ASAP so we can start getting boxes out of here before it starts snowing. I know it’s only November but crazier things have happened here.

Another holy cow moment was I registered for my last semester of school this week. It’s crazy to think that in a few short months (181 days I think…) I’ll be graduating and sitting for the nclex. That thought makes me want to puke but it’s reality now.

Just wanted to give you a quick update on my current stress level. I just have to keep telling myself that it’s for the wedding and our future and we can do it.

Until next time…

I’m Back! — November 1, 2015

I’m Back!

Hey everyone!!

You’re probably wondering where the heck I’ve been, right? Well truth be told senior year isn’t as much of a cake walk as I expected. I literally have no time for anything and when I do get a break I spend it sleeping. So I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this. I’m honestly going to try and make more of an effort. And the semester is almost over so I’ll have more time. But let’s catch up…

School is going good. It’s keeping me super busy but I’m enjoying it as much as one can enjoy school. My clinical instructor on Tuesdays is a total pain in the ass. Everyone hates her, she makes us cry, and she’s genuinely just a terrible person. Just 3 more weeks with her though, thank god.

The wedding planning has slowed down for now. We hit a rough patch with my parents. They always told me they would pay for my wedding (they’re old school like that) so I assumed that was the case. Turns out no one saved any money for us and now we’re scramnling. Tyler and I are trying everything to save as much money as possible so we don’t have to postpone the wedding. We’ve already been engaged for 4 years and we put it off this long because of my parents. We’ve also put down over 1700 dollars in deposits of our own money. To lose that would kill me.

So we’re making the ultimate sacrafic which my dad doesn’t even agree with! We’re breaking our lease to move in with Tyler’s parents so we can save money on rent, utilities, and cable. It’s literally our worst nightmare. We’ve lived on our own together since August 2010. Having to move back in with someome, let alone his parents, is less than ideal and it’s taking a toll on both of us. Although we know that it’s for the best and that we’ll save a lot of money it’s still sad. We both worked so hard to get this apartment and now we have to throw it away. And my dad is saying that we shouldn’t break the lease blah blah blah. Well its pretty much our only option and Tyler hates my dad for it. To be honest I hate my dad right now. I don’t ask for help with anything ever and the one time I do it gets thrown back in my face. Well were going to prove to him that we can do this on our own. It won’t be easy but we’re going to make it work.

Other than that nothing else is really happening. I’m excited for the holidays. I love Christmas time but I’ll post more on that as it gets closer. It’s 6am right now so I think I might go back to sleep. Or watch something on netflix. I promise I’m going to write here more. It’s therapeutic for me.