Well guys we did it. We moved in with Tyler’s parents. To say that it has been an emotional week is an understatement. We cried. We got angry. But in the end it has brought us closer together (and not because we have one room that’s our own).

His parents have been good and not like normal parents who always want to know what we’re doing and where we’re going. It’s just something we have to get used to…all of us. I still feel like I’m in the way and I’m trying to get a routine down (especially with the bathroom since there’s only one shower).

All in all I know it was for the right reasons and we’re getting better at dealing with it. Now if some one would rent our old apartment so we can stop paying for it. In time I suppose. I just have to stay positive. I’m getting married in 9 months and 11 days!!

Well off to work I go. The job has gotten a little better (or I’m just getting a thicker skin, or caring less). I’ll update on that probably tomorrow. I’m done with school after that so I’ll have more time to post (and hopefully more wedding stuff to update on)

Until next time…