I remembered to make a post on friday!! So proud of myself lol.

Anyways, it’s been a fun week. My interviews went well which I’m super excited about. I’m hoping I hear back soon but I’m also okay with waiting. I was so nervous but I think I made a good impression which is what everyone hopes for.

On the wedding front we got the samples of the different invitations we’re choosing between in the mail yesterday. We’re pLanning on using weddingpaperdivas.com for both our save the dates and invites. They have such great products and so many options to fit everyone’s style and budget. They also have amazing sales constantly going on all the time! Once Tyler sees the invites and we make a final decision I’ll post pictures of the final decision. If anything it’ll be fun for me to look back on in years to come? Sure, lets go with that.

I don’t have that much else to update on. So until next time…