Surprise, surprise I didn’t post on Friday. I don’t even really have a reason besides this weekend was crazy!

I started school this past week. We had a Hurst review for nclex which was intense. We were there from 8-430 for 3 days going over all the important stuff we’ve learned over the past 4 years. My head was hurting. I have a lot of studying to do before sitting for boards.

Along with school comes a difficult work schedule. We have to get in at least 8 hours every week Monday through Friday. Now you’re probably thinking this is super easy. Wrong! The two days I worked I left for school at 7am to get there by 8am and then I didn’t get home until around midnight. Trying to fit work into my school schedule is insanely difficult. I have one day off from school a week and I really want to leave it off from work too so that I can study, relax, or do wedding stuff. Not trying to make excuses, just explaining.

Speaking of wedding we have save the dates! They’re here and almost all of them are addressed and sealed. Maybe I’ll post a picture in my next post since we have extras. I just need to cover up the city and state of our venue…don’t want any party crashers :). We pixked out which invite we liked and as soon as we have our tasting in March and set our menu we’ll order those. We bought a Groupon for personalized m&m’s and we priced out the cost of mason jars that we want to put them in (I’m trying to be the voice of reason with that but Tyler is set on them). Other than that we didn’t do much other wedding related things this past weekend. We’re in the slow part of planning since we have all of our big vendors booked so now we have to wait to meet with the florist and baker for the cake. Around March things will start to pick up.

Alright that’s it for now. I promise to try and post again on Friday but don’t kill me if I dont. I know I made it a resolution to do this every week but with school it’s tough.