Let me be the first to say that moving back home sucks. It sucks even more when your parents are divorced and you feel like you have to choose who to live with. It’s a sick reality that most of us will have to move back home thanks to graduating college and having tons of debt (me..), not being able to afford living on your own anymore (me..), or breaking up with your significant other who you’ve lived with for X amount of years (also me…). Fear not! I’m here with some tips on how to make the move back home slightly less awful.

  1. Make sure you have your own space: I really wouldn’t suggest moving back home if you’re going to be forced to share a space with a sibling. Moving home is tough on everyone and being locked in a room with your brother would make you start to resent him. Before you tell Mom you’re moving back in, make sure she has the space where you’ll be able to walk around in your underwear and not be ashamed.
  2. Make your space your own: In college you were able to decorate your dorm however you liked. Same goes for if you lived in your own apartment. Make your space represent you! Now that doesn’t mean you have to go and paint the walls funky colors or buy all new furniture (you’re trying to save money remember…) but it does mean adding pictures and posters and anything else that represents you!
  3. Buy your own food: Trust me, it sucks to have to do it but it’s easier than having to fight with your brother over who gets the last of the cookies. Be sure to share but if you bought it you get first and last dibs.
  4. Be comfortable: You shouldn’t have to live in a house where you feel like you can’t talk out the issues that may arise. No, you’re not living under your own roof but you’re an adult and you should be able to voice your concerns. Do it nicely though!
  5. Clean up after yourself: Just because you’re living with mom or dad doesn’t mean that you can rely on them to do everything for you like when you were a kid. If you were able to survive on your own either in college or your own place, you can do it while living in their house. Pick up your dishes, clean up after yourself, do your own laundry. It makes the whole cohabitating situation a lot easier to deal with.

There’s just some of the many tips I have about surviving moving back home after being on your own. Remember, you’re not the only one whose had to do it so don’t feel bad about it. Share your tips with me on how you make it work!