I want to start a new part of my blog where I share stories from my life. They can be funny, stupid, or damn right heartbreaking. I’m going to use it as a way to look back on experiences that I might not otherwise remember (or choose to remember..). So today I’m going to bring you my first drunk experience.

Let me put out a big disclaimer that I’m 24 years old and completely legal to drink. This story occurred last weekend, not when I was an underage drinker and I am in no way condoning underage drinking. Now onto the story…

I’ll be the first to admit that I had probably the most boring high school and college experience. I didn’t really go to parties, I never had time in college to go out to clubs, and even though I drank I never got drunk. I’ve been tipsy, I’ve felt good but I never woke up with my head spinning and never wanting to drink again…until this past weekend.

My friend from college, Sarah, is big on going out and having a great time. I’ve always wanted to do that and now was the perfect opportunity. I’m single, I don’t have obligations to study or anything for school, and I was off the weekend from work. We decided to go out to our state’s capitol and live it up. It was my dream come true. I was finally going to experience what everyone else has. I like to consider myself to have a decently high tolerance for alcohol since I’ve never been drunk (and girl can kill a bottle of wine like it’s her job). Well the drinks started flowing and the shots were poured and before I knew it I was feeling pretty good. We were dancing and singing and enjoying ourselves so we kept drinking. I was having a great time..until I wasn’t.

Next thing I knew I was walking myself to the bathroom and right before I got there I was throwing up. I don’t mean a little throw up I mean the nasty kind where you feel like death after. I made it to the bathroom to throw up again. I finally started feeling a tiny bit better to where I could try and find my friend. I ended up calling for my Uber and leaving. I knew the night wasn’t going to end well and I just wanted to get home. I found my Uber and pretty much as soon as we started moving I threw up again. Luckily I was able to control it enough so that I didn’t get it on his car (who needs an additional fee??). I made it home and thought that would be it, I must have thrown up everything right? WRONG!

I was able to sleep for a few hours but then I woke up feeling sick again. So I threw up again, and again, and again. Grand total of 8 times. I felt miserable, had to bail on my dad for Sunday dinner, and wanted to curl up in a ball and die. My few hours of fun turned into an entire day of being miserable and not trusting myself anymore. How could I have let myself drink this much? How could I have let it get this far to the point where I spent the entire day sick? Did I do this because I’m still getting over all the changes in my life? These will be questions that I ask myself for awhile as I still try to process everything, but I am slowly moving on from the experience.

Now I don’t take this story with a grain of salt and I hope that at least one person can learn from my mistake. I now know my limits. I know that I like going out but that I don’t need to get completely trashed to have a good time with my friends. The next time I go out I have no intentions of getting the way I did this past weekend. I want everyone who thinks that you need to get plastered to have a good time to know that it’s not worth it. As much fun as I had, the aftermath ruined it for me. It’s not worth it. Sure, go out and have a good time. If you’re old enough to drink have one or two (don’t drink and drive!). You don’t have to get to the point that I did to have a good time or to fit in with your friends. Remember that. They’re your friends for more than your drinking abilities. Party safely and have fun, my friends.