I’m sure we’ve all been anxious and over emotional about things before, I know I sure have. Lately I’ve been feeling extremely anxious, stressed out, and not really sure what is going on with my life. Let me explain…

I feel like my life is at a complete standstill. I go to work to pay my bills and I occasionally go out and have fun. I feel like I’m in a rut and I don’t know how to combat it. I also have been struggling with everything with Tyler and what happened between us. When I think that I’m doing okay and getting past the hurt, I break down and cry. I know this is normal but it completely crushes me.

I want my life back. I miss everything. Living at home I’m struggling with, I miss having my own house that’s completely mine. I miss having someone to come home to every day. I miss feeling loved.

I’m not sure if this is all hitting me because my birthday is next week or what, but this isn’t how I pictured starting 25.

How I’m dealing with it is crying and talking to my best friends. Believe it or not, Zach has given me some of the best advice and I can’t thank him enough. He told me last night “You worked your ass off to become a nurse and guess what dumbass you’re a nurse! You don’t need a relationship to be happy, I hope you know that. Love yourself and the rest will fall into place.” Seriously, what guy says that?! He’s honestly the best but I’ll never tell him that to his face :p.

What he said though is the truth. Everyone needs to love themselves before they can let someone else in to love them. Try as we might we need to accept this for what it is. When we finally love ourselves the rest doesn’t matter.

Take a deep breath in and let it out. Let the anxiety drift away and know that in the end it’s going to all work out.