Can I just say that fighting with your best friend is the absolute worst? They’re supposed to be your ride or die, your go to person, the one you talk to about everything and then all of the sudden it all stops. How do you deal with it? How do you swallow your pride and forgive one another for what ever is the cause of your silence?

The thing is, no matter what you’re fighting about isn’t worth it. Remember that. Let me tell you a little story about me and my best friend Megan.

We’ve been best friends since we were 3 years old. We did everything together all through elementary and middle school. We went our separate ways in high school but we still talked every day. She went out of state for college but again, every single day we were talking. Finally we both graduated and she was moving back home for good! I was thrilled, it was going to be the two of us against the world again. Things started out great and we were seeing each other and catching up on everything. We made it a tradition to go out every Friday that I wasn’t working and be the best friends that we were. We would always go to BWW, the bartender knew us and it was a great time. Until it wasn’t. One weekend she decided she wanted to drive 40 minutes away to meet a guy on our Friday night traditions. This would be fine and dandy if she was able to drive, but she doesn’t so I would be the one driving almost an hour one way to be a 3rd wheel. I wasn’t happy about it. I yelled at her and told her I wouldn’t do it. I was the one who had to work the next morning and driving that far was going to get me nothing besides a drink, maybe. We didn’t talk for almost 2 weeks.

Finally I swallowed my pride. I apologized for freaking out and explained to her my side of it. I’m not a chauffer for her to go hook up with guys. I’m not going to always be her 3rd wheel and if she wants to do that she has to figure out how to get there on her own. I’m sad to say that even though things are getting better with us they’re still not 100% the same.. So how do we work at this? We keep fighting for our friendship. We don’t give up on one another.

No matter how big the blow up or how much you think it’s over and that’s it, you fight. Fight for your best friend because in the end they’re the one that’s going to be there for you. They’re your biggest fan, the one cheering you on the most, the one looking out for your best interest. Friends are forever, especially when they make it as long as Megan and I have been friends. You figure it out and you make it work.