Holy crap! That’s honestly the first words that popped into my head pretty much in the first 2 minutes of the episode. It was insane. It was beautifully put together and the acting was fantastic. Just as a heads up there will be SPOILERS so don’t read if you haven’t watched the episode that aired on Thursday, May 18th.

We picked up right where we left off with the explosion in the hospital. We see the little girl, Erin, calling out for Stephanie who is somehow ALIVE after being literally inches from the explosion. We also see fire everywhere. We also see that Erin’s leg is crushed by a piece of equipment and the only thing keeping her from hemorrhaging is this equipment. Stephanie acts like a superhero surgeon when she uses a tourniquet and whatever it is that she used to pack the wound and saved the little girl. Then the superhero herself JUMPS THROUGH FIRE with the little girl to escape the burning room. They make it to the staircase where we see Stephanie has severe wounds but her and Erin continue to climb up the many flights of stairs to try and escape everything burning around them. They make it to the top only to find out that Edwards dropped her key card somewhere in the smoky mess. Being the selfless doctor that she is she’s determined to save her patient and covers her up with the blanket even though it would mean her demise. Never fear though because in true Grey’s fashion, Edwards sees her key card in all the smoke and leaves the little girl to go get it. By some fate she makes it back up and they get out onto the roof and start screaming for help only for Erin to go into cardiac arrest (always gotta throw another wrench in there Shonda don’t you?). Stephanie does CPR and is screaming like a crazy person trying to get help. Somehow Warren remembers that he saw Edwards with the rapist and brings the whole crew back into the burning hospital to find her. They find the completely charred rapist body and then see the blood marks from Erin’s wound. They follow the blood and by the grace of all that is holy they find Stephanie doing CPR. Again, in true Grey’s fashion they turn the ER (one of the few safe areas) into an OR and Webber and Bailey get to work and ultimately save Erin’s life and leg. Edwards passes out and we head into the next day.

Catherine isn’t thrilled at how one of her surgeons and a missing child were left in a burning hospital and it all goes back to Minick who “forgot” to tell the police that Edwards was missing in there. Her reasoning? She had patients and if Edwards was following the rules and wasn’t taken out of therapy this wouldn’t have happened. WRONG! Bailey gives her great speech which brought tears to my eyes about how they don’t produce robots at this hospital, they produce heroes. We see Arizona talking to Minick about wanting to get it on and Minick says she has to pack she got fired. FINALLY! BYE BITCH! We also see Webber go in to see Edwards who is going through extreme debridement of her burns. She also has an epic speech saying that she wants to live her life, that she spent so much of it in a hospital from childhood to now and she just wanted to breathe. At the end of this speech, she quits.

We also have the whole story line that Hunt’s sister, Megan, is still alive. I’m not really thrilled by it and it kind of was randomly thrown in there if you ask me. We don’t get to see Megan during this episode but I’m sure she’ll be a big player next season.

I thought this episode was absolutely amazing. It was what I had been waiting for the entire season and Shonda delivered. I thought it was the best send off for one of the surgeons that there has been, one that was well deserved and didn’t end with me sobbing over their death. I saw true heroism from Edwards and Warren and quite frankly Bailey who finally put her foot down and acted like a true chief. I’m kind of sad that Megan is alive and that Riggs went running back to see her leaving Meredith (even though she did say that if it was Dereck she would have left long before he did). I was rooting for Mere and Riggs and wanted to see what she was like in a full blown relationship after Dereck. They better have something big planned for her and not some massive depression.

All in all I was extremely satisfied with this episode and quite frankly can’t wait for next season. I think the entire dynamic is going to change with Edwards gone. She was honestly one of my favorite residents and I’ll miss her a ton.

What were your thoughts on the episode if you watched?