I finally got a chance to watch the PLL series finale last night and HOLY CRAP! Now I may be the only one with this opinion but I personally loved how things turned out.


First off, I can’t believe that Spencer is the one with the twin and that she’s A.D!! I thought that it was going to be Ali’s twin who was causing all the issues. I think that Troian was the best actress to play the part, she has a certain way of portraying crazy and evil that I don’t think any of the other girls could have pulled off. I personally loved the accent, I loved the reasoning behind why Alex became A.D., I love that she killed Wren and was wearing him around her neck. Now I realize that it was probably something that many people guessed and a lot of people are disappointed in this but I think it was a great reveal. Go ahead and argue with me about it, just my opinion.

I think it was completely messed up for them to make Aria sterile and not able to have kids. I get that it was a great reason for Ezra not to have shown up to the wedding and completely believable but come on! Let the girl get her happy ending with her man she fought for over and over again and some kiddos! I’m SO glad that they had Hanna and Caleb act like an actual couple and have a big disagreement about Mona living with them. It had seemed since the flash forward that they were the “perfect” couple and nothing ever went wrong. Reality check! Can I just say that their kid would be adorable if there was ever a reboot of the show??? Alison proposing to Emily was the icing on the cake. I love that it wasn’t planned and they were fighting and Alison’s sweatshirt!!! It was perfect. I’m so happy that Toby and Spencer are getting their happily ever after. They deserve to be together.

Speaking of Toby…Jenna helping him and the girls out! Holy shit! Never thought the day would come where she would be helping the girls out but I’m glad she did. It was nice closure to her story line, finally being the good one and on the right team. Toby also handling the situation like a champ when he had to figure out which of the twins was actually Spencer. Cool, calm, and collected like always but kicking ass and taking names.

Mona, Mona, Mona…the crazy girl who I’ve loved since the beginning of the show. I honestly thought that she was going to be part of the A.D. team to come full circle with her being A in the first few seasons. I was VERY surprised when she ended up in France and had her dollhouse with Alex and Mary. Goes to show that the game will never stop for her in her twisted head. I’m glad she finally got back what was hers to begin with.

The final scene with the girls. I cried. It was great closure to a whirlwind 7 seasons of ups and downs and near death experiences. Part of me was expecting it to end with a group text message from some mysterious person and everything starting over again, but that could have been my hopes that it wasn’t really ending. I’m not ready to accept it. I feel like I grew up with this show and I matured with the girls as they did (although we all still have our immature moments).

Finally, the last scene with the new mean girls and Addison going missing…ummm WHAT?!?!?! Why? Why? Why? Do not make a remake of this show focusing on that! What this show did was powerful, it moved a generation, it broke barriers and spoke volumes. Do not ruin that with a new set of girls and more mysteries.

What did you think about the series finale??