I know I’ve been talking about it for awhile, and now I’m finally getting around to doing this post. I’m going to talk about how I use my Erin Condren Life Planner. I have a previous post about how I was using my Five Star planner that I got from Target and I still think that’s a great option if you’re not looking to spend the money for an Erin Condren.

This is my first ECLP and I have to say I’m a huge fan. I may not use it the most conventionally but it works for me. I bought my 2017-2018 Life Planner at the end of May I believe and it goes from July 2017-July 2018. I’m sure all the planner addicts already know about all the ins and outs of the planner so I’m not going to go into detail. If you’re interested, there’s a ton of videos on YouTube that go into great detail about the new planner.

IMG_0931 (1)

This is my monthly spread. It’s pretty much the same I was doing in my other planner. I have different colored washi tape for bills and appointments. I write my work schedule and work related things in orange (I don’t have a yellow pen otherwise that would be it since I hate that color). I have important things (like this month Tyler’s birthday and my dad’s birthday) on decorative sticky tabs that I got from the target dollar section. On the side I have two yellow sticky boxes for my two different student loan payments. It sticks out to me and reminds me “HEY DOOFUS! Pay those loans this month!”. Pretty straight forward for a monthly spread and it helps keeps me organized.

IMG_0930 (1)

Now for my pride and joy, my weekly spreads. I’ve always obsessed over the planner decoration that people have done and the stickers and everything! Being the nearly broke grad that I am I can’t afford to spend money on kits so I’ve gotten creative. If you have pinterest you can search for free printables for the ECLP and BAM! Magic! I bought some sticker paper from staples and print the spreads as I need them. I find decorating my planner to be the most relaxing thing out there. No idea why but it calms me down like no other. So like all Erin Condren planners, this one is broken into the 3 sections which I use as “Today”, “To Do”, and “Work”.

Under the “Today” section I write down bills that are due, appointments, and any events (like the FGL concert next week!!!!).

Under “To Do” I use the cute heart check boxes and write out my daily to do lists. Like my other planner, if things don’t get done on it it’s not a deal breaker, or if I do things a day early it’s not going to ruin my life. I write everything in these checkboxes, even showering, because I get a sick satisfaction with checking things off no matter how small they are.

Under “Work” I put, you guessed it, my work schedule! I also put important things like when the schedule opens to pick up time and payday. I use fun washi tape to put a little more umph for my days off. I sometimes write little blurbs in the boxes like if I floated to another floor or if something insanely crazy happened just for memory purposes.

On the bottom bar I use more washi and put “B, L, D” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I write down what I eat again just for reference. If I notice that I’m eating something a little too often I’ll try and reign that in and make a change.

The side bar I have a hydrate sticker to keep track of my water intake (I estimate this based on if I drink at least 1 of my water bottles which is 32oz). Under that I have another sticker from the target dollar section that says “Remember”. I use this to jot down any thoughts of feelings I have throughout the week. It can be about boys, work, my family, anything.

The last thing is the quote box. I typically google quotes about life or strength or love and write them out. I don’t have the neatest handwriting but right now it works for me.

So that’s how I’m using my ECLP. Like I said, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it works for me and that’s all that matters. If you have any interest in getting an ECLP or anything else on their site (and there’s a ton!) then here’s a REFERRAL LINK! You’ll get $10 off your first purchase! Just know that I’ll get a little kick back from it too but it’s helping us both out!