Now that classes are pretty much back in full swing I want to take the time to talk about college friendships. The 4 (or more) years you spend in college really will be some of the best, and worst, times of your life. You grow more than you ever could expect while in college. You realize things about you that you never would have imagined before. With all of this you make some of the best friends you could ever ask for. These are the friends who understand completely what you’re going through (especially if you’re the same majors). These are the friends that you cry with, laugh with, drink heavily with, etc. The friends that you made in high school are great but your college friends are really your ride or die. That’s why it’s so important to keep in contact with these friends post graduation. Here are some of the tips I have for maintaining friendships after college.

-Make sure you meet up with them at least once a month if it’s possible. Now I understand that people move and things change but put in the effort and go out for lunch or dinner or drinks.

-Continue to tell them everything about your life just like you did when you were skipping classes. Along with that, make sure you stay interested in their lives. Ask about their boyfriends, their job, their family.

-Plan a trip together. This doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive vacation but a long weekend away from everything that’s part of your everyday life is the greatest way to stay connected. Megan and I have made it a goal to do a weekend trip at least 4 times a year, just to get away and gossip like the little girls that we think we still are.

-Text them. It might seem stupid to say but shoot them a text every now and then to see how things are. Sometimes a text can change how a person’s day is going. It’s the little things.

These are just some of the ways that I think you can keep up those friendships that helped you get that degree you worked so hard for. Keep your friends close, you never know when you’re going to need them the most.