Well… — February 18, 2016


I suck. I’ve failed with my new years resolution. Big time. I never meant to miss this many posts but life has seriously gotten in the way. I’ll try to fill you in quick since I’m currently sitting at work waiting for my shift to start.

School is overwhelming me. Big time. It’s not so much the classes but the amount of time I’m at clinical each week. 22 hours plus travel time is a ton when I still have studying to do. Add in I haven’t gotten a job offer yet when a lot of people in my class have and you have full blown panic. I’m starting to get so discouraged and stressed about all of it.

Then there’s the wedding. I’m so excited for the big day but Im losing it with planning. I just don’t know what I’m doing and how to afford it all. I’m meeting with the florist tomorrow and I have no idea about anything. I can’t handle it.

Then there’s work and I won’t even get started with it. Just know I’m exhausted and can’t take much more.

Sorry for the crap update. I’m just so tapped out with everything. I’ll snap out of it though…I hope.